Yesterday, our “beloved” Supreme Court attempted to remind us how committed to diversity and equality they really are by offering a ruling in Demore v. Kim, No. 01-1491 . The case essentially maintains that legal immigrants can be held without bail during deportation hearings. US Citizens are not allowed to held without bail during hearings. The expansion of the law’s power to hold immigrants without bail certainly will fit well into our ever evolving Homeland “I’m really in secure about trusting anyone I didn’t grow up next too and who doesn’t look just like me” Security Policies.

A friend also informed me that Charleton Heston made his last speech as NRA president. Gov. Jeb Bush got to keynote at the event and Kayne Robinson took over the presidency of the organization. I only wonder will Kayne Robinson follow in his predecessor’s footsteps and suggest that the ethnic diversity of the US is the cause of violence in the US.

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