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Times are tough but thankfully the iphone is providing some relief. Here’s a brotha who takes Falling Down to a […]

Hip-Hop has been political, you just haven’t been paying it attention. My reflection on the Black August Hip-Hop Project.

The month of August has been the seat of many important events in the history of African people, particularly people […]

A look at what happens when race and gender are uncorked in a chicago eatery

Today marks the birthday of the one of the greatest African leaders of all time, the Honorable Marcus Garvey! While […]

So one of the problems with being a sociologist of race and offering public commentary is it sometimes creates the […]

A tribute to Atlanta artist Charles Huntley Nelson

You know how you say “what is there to do today/tonight?” Well I have an answer for you from today […]

We here at Uptown Notes are very much in accord with the African belief of respecting one’s elders and are […]

Do you know some Black birthers? I bet you do!