After a couple day hiatus, I return. Shirley Stamps, a pioneer in the school desegregation movement passed away yesterday at 59. For all those who seem to believe Affirmative Action has run its course, let us not forget that less than a generation ago school were segregated by law and now are segregated by fact.

Do you like what you hear? If you have managed to tune into Black radio have you noticed there is a striking lack of news, well at least credible news. The Black Commentator has a fly exploration of why that is. The FCC voted on Monday to relax restrictions on ownership of media and the cost could be high for our community. Some Dems and even some Republicans are thinking about taking congressional action to block the action. What every happened to People’s radio? Stay up!

I hadn’t written on this because I think I hold a grudge against Russell Simmons, but nonetheless it’s important! Simmons and company are trying to get the Rockefeller laws overturned through the, “Countdown to Fairness” coalition. So far they have gained some mainstream political clout as well as grassroots support from young members of the hip-hop generation. I heard the process was stalled recently when the city wouldn’t give him permits for a demonstration he wanted to had . . . good thing demonstrations are sanctioned by cities now, or else we may actually disturb something while demonstrating ;) And is anyone else scared of 50 cent speaking up on these laws? Is that who we want representing us?

Also, as Goodspeedupdate has reported, this week’s lead article in the University Record decries an editorial that was published in the Wall Street Journal saying U of M lied and supressed info about Pat Gurin’s research, a lynch pin in the Affirmative Action cases. Check the articles so that you are up to speed!

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