Okay, so obviously the Supreme Court Decision did not come down Monday, so be on the lookout for next Monday. Though the eyes of the nation seem to be in a host of locations, the Affrimative Action case remains on the radar. Today, Americans for a Fair Chance (a project of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights and Education Fund ) has launched a Public Service Annoucement campaign entitled, “Affrimative Action Works.”

While some concentrate on the impending decisions about U of M, Benton Harbor has been gaining national attention from rioting! The city, about 12,000 has been rioting for about 2 days in an 8 block radius. The riots began after a fatal chase that involved two motorcycles and police cars. Essentaily they are eligble for a state of emergency where the national guard can be called in, but that hasn’t happened yet. Tonight there will be a heavy police state rolling in and there has been a curfew placed from 10pm to 5am.

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