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Last night, I was able to attend a HEADS meeting that discussed Bush, the US, and foreign policy towards Africa. It was exteremely interesting, one thing considered was Bush’s request for 87 billion to fund “the efforts” in Iraq and Afghanistan versus his underfunding of education in the US. As we think about education and foreign policy, I thought this article on Ghanians sending their children back to Africa to be schooled is very an interesting commentary on US schools.

On the education thing, today, from 6-7pm President Mary Sue Coleman will address Second Baptist of Ann Arbor on Affirmative Action. For those who don’t know, Second Baptist in Ann Arbor is one of the oldest and most signficant African-American churches in the area. I am sure there will be interesting discussions and engagement from local activists and leaders in the Ann Arbor community.

And if you happened to have missed the announcement, here is an Ann Arbor News story on the new admissions process. Also check my political section for more info and commentary. Also, the Ann Arbor News ran a story on UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunity) as a case of outreach programs that have historically targeted underrepresented groups, but are under more scrutiny in the era of attacks on diversity.

And in Cali, Wardell (he likes to go by Ward) Connerly is feeling pressure around the Proposition 54 (racial privacy initiative). This LCCR article discusses why his confidence in affecting public opinion has wained as October 7th nears.

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