So I’m gonna go international to national to local, let’s go!

Yesterday, Amina Lawal’s sentence on death by stoning was overturned!!! While the reasons for the overturn are not the greatest, it is good to see her go free and able to continue her life!

Nationally, there is a really … strange collaboration between the WWE (formally the WWF) and Russell Simmons’ Hip Hop Summit Action Network.They are teaming up to do a voter registration drive! The campaign, “2 million more in 2004,” will pair the two entertainment giants to attempt to get voters in the 18-30 bracket out to vote. I guess it could be good ;)

Locally, Dustin Seibert’s editorial in yesterday’s Michigan Daily illuminates the incorrect information in Jim Trout’s editorial. Of course, in traditional Dustin style, he gets a couple of jabs in at the general population. Here’s one of my favorite excerpts

Though (hopefully) all of the upperclassmen of the University know that Trout’s son didn’t know what the bloody hell he was talking about when he made that glaring, obviously uneducated mistake in telling that to his dad, I can still imagine some encouragable freshman with a snot bubble coming out of his nose reading the response and jumping to that ridiculous conclusion that there would actually be a lounge in a University reserved exclusively for one ethnicity.

Tomorrow, leaders within the the Black community will convene to further discuss the state of Black folks at U of M.

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