7 whole days… and not a word… yeah, my bad. So let’s get it!

The Michigan Daily has been on a diversity frenzy over the past week. The Daily attempts to be “fair and balanced”(tm) by presenting opposing stories other emerging Michigan Ballot Intiative sponsored by Wardell Connerly. The pro-piece ran on Wednesday, while the con piece ran on Tuesday. Well, I will pretty much bet that Connerly gets the necessary signatures, so what is the next step?

The Daily also runs a piece today on the Honors Program’s lack of diversity. I was really interested in Ruben Duran’s comment:

“That was the University’s entire argument, that racial diversity is beneficial to the academic experience. If that’s what the University believes and it’s not extended to all its programs, then the University’s failing itself. If the belief is that true diversity is diversity of ideas, then it’s not,” said Ruben Duran, LSA senior and editor in chief of the Michigan Review.”

Great, now maybe Ruben Duran supports Affirmative Action too! LOL!!!

On a bright note, a heart warming story from Colorado (yeah, I was suprised too ;), where students organized … not a rally, but a bake sale to keep a sistah in school!

There is a lot more to add, but I gotta Run like DM C ya later!

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