Today, in EST, Arnold was selected as governor of California and Proposition 54 died a slow death. But most importantly, if you didn’t think this was a political fiasco, you should! Gary Coleman managed to capture 12,518 votes!

On a much more sad note, the men (police officers) charged with killing Steve Biko, the South African freedom fighter, will not be going on trial for murder! Justice delayed is justice denied.

Last year, the Stern school of Business at NYU was bombarded with racist emails. One of my friends recieved some of his messages and forwarded it on to me, maybe if I find it I’ll link it up here later. A Tennessean, Scott Bain, was arrested for these hate emails.

And out of the world of randomness, I find a story about race in Brazil in higher education. Just an interesting little read.

There is also a rather confusing editorial in the Daily today by Jeff Cravens. He is questioning the university’s “blind pursuit of diversity.” I think he is trying to make multiple points, but it just doesn’t come out right, read it if you want to.

On a local issue, Michael Moore’s appearance on the 12th is apparently “sold out.” Dang, don’t sleep, people are on their stuff at U of M.

I’ll soon be updating the political corner, give me a few days. You’ll be able to change the world from the comfort of your home, or coffee shop, or computer lab, or library … okay you’ll be able to change it from a computer hooked up to the internet!

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