So there are a couple things that made me scratch my head today:

“Speaking Hispanic?” a judge in September in Nebraska ordered a father to speak English and not “that hispanic langauge to his child. The case has recently received national attention because of this Washington Post article. Ah, ignorance is so pervasive!

Another head scracther would have to Al Sharpton’s decision to host SNL in December! Well that is one way to get visibility, but will it really garner political support or make Sharpton more of a joke to America’s mainstream? Who is managing his campaign … oops never mind I know that’s a soar spot!

Lastly, Africana has posted a CBC report card. Look at the scores. Is that Michigan’s own John Conyer’s tied for last place?

Here is an interesting article on the American Indian community and the California recall election. Never even heard about the casino issues before I read this piece!

On a separate note, I realized today that the comments are not working on the page. I’ll try to get to the bottom of that.

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