Here’s a little update from two other campuses regarding race relations stuff.

Remember last year when Bank One hired some idiots to give away free tee-shirts with credit card applications? You know the ones that read, “10 reasons why a beer is better than a black man.” Well this year, they put in big money to bring Sistah Souljah to speak for a diversity series, but now the heat is on the University of Louisville’s administration to sponsor the Klan to speak. That’s right, the Klan feels they need to present a balanced perspective … shouldn’t the Klan be petitioning Bank One, or maybe the firm that made the tee-shirts? I’m sure they’d be an ally.

In other Klan news, the chair of Penn State’s College Republicans came under heat for posting pictures of a halloween party which featured party goers in Black face, mock Klan garb, and other offensive costumes. Brian Battaglia’s personal page featured a number of pictures with one caption reading, “He took a break from cross burning to drink a cold one.” Tiffanie Lewis, no relation to me, of the Black Caucus called for his resignation. Doesn’t he know that the Republicans were the party of Lincoln …?

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