Since my last commentary on Hip-Hop culture and Black youth has sparked a little talk, I figured I would update on some more interesting issues and representations within Hip-Hop culture. The first, is the Cam’ron, Dame Dash, and Bill O’Reilly (yeah, the O’Reilly Factor) meeting. Many folks were impressed by the discussion on “the no spin zone,” especially since O’Reilly is known to invite guests on the show to destroy them. Apparently, this was not the case on this episode. Black Electorate’s hip-hop friday’s commentary and transcript give the tale of the tape.

For “all the bad that rap music and Hip-Hop culture produce” there are really good contributions too. M-I- crooked letter’s own, David Banner, will donate 50,000 dollars to 5 people hopeful of continuing their post-secondary education. In case you didn’t realize, also, David Banner is an alumni of Southern University, where he was the Student Government Association president while there. He has a semester remaining in completing his masters in education at the University of Maryland where his gpa was a 3.9987. Just so you all recognize there’s more to him than talking about Mississippi.

More to come later, when I feel moved to do so.

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