Here’s some more stories on an oldie but goodie: Affirmative Action.

The Michigan Daily provides a pretty benign commentary on the Connerly Ballot Initiative, if you read yesterday’s Ann Arbor News, no need to read this one. And suprise, suprise, the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) are going to support the ballot initiative.

Jay Greene, in a piece for the Washington Post, argues that improving the pipeline to higher education is crucial, more crucial than Affirmative Action. Point taken, but it’s not a trade off, in the process of improving K-12 education (where we don’t know a definite solution to creating equality) we must also still utilize Affirmative Action for those already in the system!

Lastly, I’m gonna need conservakids (Harris 2002) to get a new bag of tricks. They are really pressing on this “affirmative action bake sale thing.” They just did one at Utah State University and this AP story covers some of the others that have happened nationally. In my old age, 25 ;) , I’m getting tired of the same tactics.

Lastly, because I like to laugh, and sometimes cry at the ridiculus, here is story from the Atlanta Journal Constitution on names, not just any names, special names based on brands, Stop the madness!!! A la Casper in Kids, “What happened?”

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