Wednesday’s Daily features an article on David Boyle, U of M Law School Alum’s, petition to end alumni preferences (and yes this is a real preference*) in the state of Michigan. Boyle faces the same hoops that Connerly and croons have jumped if he wants it on the November ballot. The acronym is darn hilarious, MERIT, but I am a little worried that too many people will take it the wrong way and endorse this initiative as part and parcel with Ward’s initiative. I can see people in Midland, Michigan saying, “Why yes I do believe in merit and I do not like discrimination.” Then we end up in a sick-sad world where the meagerly informed vote yes on both. Boyle is pretty outspoken and usually stands in favor of Affirmative Action.

*I say this is real preference, note the difference in wording and tone on the U of M page on factors considered in admission:

“Will alumni ties still be considered?

The University values the relationship it has with current and former students. These students are part of the Michigan community. Alumni serve as a vital part of that community both as lifelong ambassadors for the University, and as lifelong learners who are encouraged to continue to be involved in the life and programs of the institution after they graduate. Accordingly, we will continue to consider-as one of many factors, but not as a determinative factor- a direct relationship, or stepfamily relationship, with someone who has attended the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor as a degree-seeking student.”

“How will race factor into the new process?

Academic factors are the first and overriding criteria. Other factors will be considered, but the applicant must, under all circumstances, demonstrate the ability to succeed at and contribute to the University. Race will be only one of many additional factors taken into consideration during the review process, as will socioeconomic factors, geography, and special or unique experiences, skills and talents. All the factors we will use in the review process will be in the overall context of individualized consideration of each application. Furthermore, every student will have the opportunity to highlight his or her own special and unique qualities that will contribute to the overall diversity of the class. Multiple reviews by different staff members and validation by management staff will ensure that no single, nonacademic factor has a disproportionate impact on the overall admissions decision.”

And the statement of the obvious award goes to the Michigan Daily for echoing Monique Perry’s, VP of MSA, statement that the Trotter House is in need of renovation. Apparently the Daily missed that the facilities have been inadequete for the past …. 20 years. Good job Daily, it’s only news if someone says it at an MSA meeting. By the way this in no way a diss to Monique, she is right-on for bringing it up again in public forum!

The transformation of the Trotter House from a Black cultural center to a multicultural center reminds me of the demands of BAM I (1970), BAM II (1975), and BAM III (1987):

BAM I -Demand # 7 “The establishment of a community-located Black Student Center.”

BAM II- Demand- “The establishment of a Chicano Cultural Center;”

BAM III- Demand #2- The University of Michigan must grant the immediate endowment of $150,000 dollars for the William Monroe Trotter-House to insure that the integrity of African-Apreservedulture will be perserved in spite of the vile climate of racism that persists in the University.”

Seems like the U has historically had trouble handling biz around Trotter and neglected other communities despite demands for address!!!

And on a much lighter and two completely unrelated notes:

1) I finally joined Blackblogz, you’ll see it in the bottom left hand corner. Okay, I admit that I don’t fully understand it, but it seems like a good thing.

2) I am really wondering is it possible to really dislike people, but really love friendster? I am now obsessed with friendster.

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