As a continuation of yesterday’s surreal editorial, the Daily today printsthe Trotter House badly in need of ‘U’-funded repairs. At some point, I still want to know if the Daily really thinks that the U is going to just decide to dedicate money despite the continued pressure from community members for years.

And the Daily continues on its tear of not providing solutions but suggestions resolutions are a bad idea. This time the resolution is about bias incidents. Geez, you know verbally or physically harassing someone is so “60s” good thing it doesn’t happen any more! Don’t allow anyone discretion, because they will certainly always err on the direction of overuse. For example, the woman at EMU, come on the man in Klan regalia could have just been trying out his Halloween costumes. Gosh, I hate political correctness. ;)

And here is a NY Times article on Brown and the search to examine the roll of slavery in their University. I know you had to jump through hopes to get to the other one.

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