Thankfully, yesterday the Michigan House voted down the attempt to bring the Death penalty back to Michigan on the November ballot. The only way that this measure will get on the ballot is if they do a signature campaign and receive 300,000 signatures (sound familiar?).

Speaking of signature campaigns, you may have noticed emails yesterday going out about a cross burning in Macomb and an incident of racial intimidation at EMU in which a student was greeted at her door by someone in green klan regalia and these being a result of the Michigan ballot initiative. This may be a rare possibility, but of course this would mean that the KKK was really organized in the state, which maybe possible but still not likely in these cases. In Macomb there is rumor that the Macomb police were involved in the burning of the cross (also not that people are failing to mention that the couple is interracial) and at EMU whoever came to the door was most likely local. There is no one on security cams and no one has suggested anything suspicious who was on duty. These two possible Klan activities were likely more localized actions than coordinated in response to the MCRI. I really think assuming that this is the catalyst would be a leap of logic. And because I’m always interested in a good conspiracy theory, I could even go with them coming about in response to the police slaying in Detroit, speaking of which…After three weeks of hours arrest, the Joe Louis fist vandals Brett Cashman and John Price, are free until their trial goes to Wayne County Court. Let’s not forget that at the base of the fist they left picture of the slain officers and “courtesy of fighting whities.” Also, let’s not forget they allege it was a political statement, not racism …. uh, no comment!

And I gotta stop posting now, because I gotta do some work, but before I go. Yesterday the Regents meeting was greeted with a lot of protest and seemed to definitely impact some Regents views. I prefer Rob Goodspeed’s report of it, but you can also read this Daily article if you want. BE ALERT, MORE STUFF TO COME!

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