A2 achievement gap, Black Solidarity Conference, Felons and Voting

Ann Arbor is in the national spotlight, this week in Time, due to the achievement gap between Black and White students. Ann Arbor is one of the highest performing districts in the state of Michigan, but features one of the largest gaps between MEAP, SAT, and grades between Black and White students. Glad to see it’s getting more coverage, sad there is no new info in it, but gives hope for the value of my dissertation which partially covers the Ann Arbor Black-White achievement gap.

The Black Student Union is organizing a Black Solidarity Conference the weekend of Feb 4th-6th. The conference is projecting an attendance of about 200 folks, so they are looking for students to host visitors. Contact bigshel@umich.edu for more information.

The question of felons being allowed to vote in NY is still not “settled.” Want more info on felon voting disenfranchisement, click here or here. FYI: Felons who have served there time in the state of Michigan are allowed to vote.

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