BHC: MLK on Self-Determination and Black Self-Love

One of my favorite things to do when giving speeches or teaching is to provide a quote and ask the audience to identify who said the quote. Often I will quote about Black self-determination or Black love and the answers I typically receive are “Malcolm X” or “Marcus Garvey” but seldom do people guess Martin Luther King, Jr. The video beneath of Dr. King would be the type of source I would quote from. At the twilight of his life, a life that was taken too soon, MLK was more outspoken, more insightful, and more beautifully pro-Black than most remember him. Beneath you will find a clip that is likely from 1967 or 1968. I received it from a friend but I have not been able to track exactly which speech it is from. It features some lines from his 1967 Southern Christian Leadership Conference Address, but it deviates from that speech’s script. Enjoy and may this push us to determine our future and love ourselves more fully.

If you can’t see the video, click here.

hat tip AM and KK

p.s. BHC stands for Black History-Contemporary, check the explanation here.

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