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I can enjoy songs about summer… check the video by Dead Prez for Summertime and make sure to cop “Pulse […]

What Michael Jackson taught me about Social Justice

Mos Definitely.

May 27, 2009 · 6 Comments

Mos is back on the radar. Dropping a project and reuniting with Talib Kweli this week. I’m there.

This Sunday’s Unity Brunch of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement and The Women of Color Caucus will present a Film Screening and Panel discussion of the film No! The Rape Documentary. Guaranteed to be a powerful, insightful and uplifting. Come on out!

So by now, I’m sure you’ve heard that Disney has been working extensively on the “The Princess and The Frog” their first foray into a Black Princess. And some of you are now saying, “But Dumi, didn’t you hear? The Prince isn’t Black?” Why yes, I did hear that, but I’m not sure it really moves me. I’ve got questions for Disney and You!

So you know you’re getting old when folks tell you that the “future” is coming and when you look to see what they’re talking about you don’t get excited. That’s been my feeling for the past couple of months when people ad naseum tell me that Wale, Drake, Charles Hamilton, and the list goes on are the future of Hip-Hop. I just don’t feel these cats yet, but I have to give props where they are due. I messes with Kid Cudi.

Art that Heals

April 15, 2009 · 0 Comments

In the Welsh-Asante Aesthic model there is no form without function. In the production of SOARS, by A Long Walk Home you have a powerful art form that is not only stunning but begins the work of healing. Read more about it here.

The conservative news magazine has been really consistent with their critique and analysis of Obama, check out the March and April Covers.

Today, Pintando Postales opens at the Brooklyn College library and it is a rare opportunity to hear and see the world through children’s eyes in New York City and Santiago de Cuba! The work is a multi-year project executed by Katie Yamasaki, but more importantly it lifts the voices and worlds of school-aged children between New York City and Santiago de Cuba in correspondence.

Slavery did not end, it’s just been updated in the form of human trafficking! Beneath you will find a video that I was recently emailed that features a song by Peter Buffet andAkon. The song is entitled, “Blood into Gold (Remix)” and was commissioned to heighten awareness of modern day slavery in the form of human trafficking. Human trafficking is a major problem throughout the globe, but flourishes in many places throughout the African Diaspora. Please spread the word and also visit to find out how to move from awareness to action!