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They can’t be serious…

Harvey Dent visits the RNC

September 4, 2008 · 6 Comments

The Daily Show recently did a great segment on GOP/RNC double speak. Some pretty amazing footage in here. Who knew […]

“The Pta”,”Hockey Moms 4 Palin” and “small town” are those the parts I’m supposed to connect to? Did Palin really […]

“I don’t fuck with politics, I don’t even follow it.” -Talib Kweli on the Beautiful Struggle 2004 I love Hip-Hop, […]

I’m outside of NYC right now, but been running around and getting work done. In the meantime check out this […]

Tune in at 9…

July 21, 2008 · 0 Comments

Tonight, Monday July 21st, I’ll be featured as a panelist on Lynn Doyle’s It’s your call. We’ll be continuing the […]

No, you won’t see this on BET, you won’t see this on CNN, you won’t see this… pretty much anywhere […]

This week I had a chance to do an interview with regarding the significance of Barack Obama’s campaign and […]

So I was traveling this past week and didn’t get a chance to hit you with anything new. But now […]

Jewel Woods offers a really good commentary on the difficulty of a national gender dialogue. Many commentators within the black […]