Fanning the Flames

Recently I had the opportunity to appear on the O’Reilly factor to discuss the comment of Rev. Jeremiah Wright. While my appearance was short, I got a lot of really positive feedback (one negative comment to date). What is most interesting to me about the controversy of Wright’s comments is the degree to which the media will continue to fan these comments into the public eye. The comments by Wright, which were not new, were recently catapulted to the national spotlight. After a disavowal of Wright, a public speech, and a kajillion news stories, there is still this sick media fascination with bringing up the Jeremiah Wright issue. Clearly it’s become the media’s version of the Boogie Man for Obama’s campaign. While I think it is important for this matter to be discussed, I think it’s been given more than its fair share of media attention. We’ll soon be nearing a month. Can we give it a rest, I’m sure the folks who have made the decision to hate Obama for an affiliation with Wright are no longer even listening. I’m sure the folks who are supporting Obama are no longer even listening. And for the undecided, I wonder why you would be listening to a soundbyte from someone who is not Barack Obama. Can we stop fanning the flames already?

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