Hate Crimes, Black Writers, etc…

So, unless you’ve been under a rock, last week on campus news of an alleged hate crime made it to the inboxes of many at U of M. The incident involves two Asian-Americans and a White student. So the details are not yet clear, but there is a blog that has been created tracking what’s going on with the case and responses. Check it here. Though the verdict is still out, but if nothing else, we can see how quickly the APIA community at U of M mobilized to raise awareness and raise concerns. Thought for the day, if the urinating incident had happened to a Black woman, what would have been the campus reaction?

A little birdie told me that I didn’t have to pay attention to the Michigan Daily this year, except for on Wednesday’s. Wednesday features some columns by Black writers, I look forward to hearing something interesting, if not, I’m gonna have to diss that little birdie ;)

Yesterday, the Trotter House officially saw it’s revival. I didn’t make it to the re-opening, but I would be willing to post pics of the new place if folks have them. Drop me an email at blackatmichigan@hotmail.com.

And thanks to the Michigan Daily, I don’t have to worry about John Roberts and Affirmative Action. Yeah, thanks guys. I also like how they omitted how we still don’t know how he stands on things like affirmative action, how quickly files go missing from the public domain… maybe they were swallowed up by Katrina or Rita. I kinda feel like we’re in for a long ride!

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