Just coming up for air…

So easily this is the busiest I’ve been in all of my graduate years, but it’s a good busy. But as Sherri-Ann taught me years ago, “Big tings a g’waan.” With that said here a couple of things are recently on my desk and of interest.

New polling numbers show continued loss of support for the MCRI which will be on the November ballot. Of course the (biggest) change is in the “undecided” voters, so there is still much to be decided. Story here.

The students in Baltimore are making big moves to demand their education from the State Board of Education. Biggup to the Algebra Project and their work out there. I’m loving the use of the constitution.

And for those who don’t know, it looks like my hard drive may have fried on my desktop, so that’s been an influence on my absence too.

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