Michael Steele like Me?

For a few years now, Michael Steele has been trying to meet me on Beat Street by being more “Hip-Hop” and showing me that “this ain’t your momma’s Republican party.” His pandering to the Black electorate has been both condescending and naive, but recently in a complete gaff, Steele captured my attention more than he ever had before. While the political Right and Left are calling for his neck and blaming him for stoking flames on the dead topic of the War in Afghanistan (which is now the longest war in America’s history) Michael Steele and me may have found some common ground!

This pic is hilarious to me

While many are calling for his resignation, Steele’s outspokenness has made the question of war and public opinion resurface in the American media. The War in Afghanistan has quietly slipped out of the media’s topics and from the American public’s consciousness. While Steele has been wrong on many statements his comments leave me believing the adage, “even a broken clock is right two times a day.”

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*The title of the post is a play on Black like Me, get it?

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