No really, can’t stop laughing my a** off

Look, I’m sorry these three web items have me rolling.

First, I thought the LeBron and Kobe commercials were pretty funny, but this is damn funny.

Second, I told ya’ll that swagger needed to stop, but Cracked has the list of the other 6 most over-used terms in Hip-Hop that were around before Hip-Hop and need to die. Adjust your slang tongue accordingly!

#5 Shiznit:

You know who still says “shiznit”? Fucking nobody. If you still find yourself using this or any other word with “iz” inserted in the middle in a non-ironic fashion, please stizop izmmiznediatelizz. You aren’t doing yourself any favors by clinging to this one. You’d be better off adding “iggedy” to every other word like Das EFX or some shit.

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Lastly, this one literally had me crying. It comes from Danish TV when a martial artists “expert” decides to break dozens of coconuts in a minute … my favorite!!!!

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