Passion and Plugs

“In no fashion have I lost my passion for the pen
It’s just that lately life has been a lost less inspirin” -CeeLo
So this post will explain the absence of postings… well kinda. The real reason is… the Black media pretty much sucks right now, honestly, I feel like no one is writing really good critical stuff. I have been known to scour Blackelectorate, Black Commentator, Seeing Black, used to peruse Africana (plug the address in here to see the old site that I liked), but now they aren’t even coming with it! And there are really few quality news sites. I have done the whole google news tracker and the NY times news tracker, but they give me a lot of not so interesting things, so I’ve been incognegro on the posts.

The only stuff I’ve seen on the internet lately is stuff by my boy Marc Hill for Pop Matters (beginning of shameless plugs) or my boy B Sims for HipHopDx (sorry they have too many popups to put a link on my page). So where is all the good stuff? Well, I’m not sure what exactly defines good stuff, after all, this page is usually filled with negative forces impacting Black folks. Hmmmm, now that I’m in stream on consciousness, the next book I want to read is is by Sherman Jackson entitled, Islam and the Black Americans. I got a chance to meet him briefly today and I was intrigued. Oh, and I still have to get to reading Kinship by Philippe Wamba (RIP). So that’s what is “on my bird”. When there is something I find newsworthy or poppin, I’ll post it. In the meantime, be sure to check out La Bloguerra.

Aight, much like your favorite local coffee shop, it’s late and I’m outta plugs… so I’m out!

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