Put the Pressure On ‘Em

Not too long ago, I lamented the docility of Hip-Hop given our current political moment. I definitely got a number of great responses and wanted to share a video with you that I just watched that definitely is not “mainstream” Hip-Hop or “mainstream” politics, so its voice is clear, unapologetic, and puts the pressure on em! Now keep in mind, Killer Mike is angry. On “Rap is Dead” (years before Nas said anything) he said, “I’ll be glad when, my music is mad again.” So don’t click this if you’re not ready to hear mad hip-hop and are disturbed easily!

That warning in part goes out to my mom because she told me she was disturbed by some of the language on my blog. I assured her that I’ve never sworn in my life, I only quote people who swear, I cannot tell a lie I chopped down that cherry tree, and that I discovered America. You know we just celebrated “Columbus Day” so I had to get in the lying spirit.

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