See you in Canada? G-G-G-OP Unit? 50 the anti-christ?

So I was all set to go to Canada (Mexico, Venezuela, or any other place people could argue convincingly about) immediately following last Tuesday’s results and I know I’m not alone! William Jelani Cobb has a great commentary about expatriation. So who is down to leave?

Hadji Williams comes with some ruckus about the hidden conservative youth vote in the 2004 presidential election. It’s an interesting piece about culture (really how people dress and what they listen to)and their political leanings. My favorite quote is “many of those who did vote screamed revolution for a while but went

behind the curtain and changed clothes on us and rolled with the G-G-G-G…O-P Unit

Lastly, reason 452, 50 cent may be the anti-christ are reports that he didn’t vote after endorsing the “Vote or Die” campaign. Some are speculating because he is a convicted felon he may not have been able to vote, unless he’s currently on parole, he was good to go in New York, right? And I really don’t care if Luda or Paris Hilton did or didn’t vote. Ludacris was probably too busy thinking about Bill O’Reilly and Paris Hilton… no comment.

Still don’t have my thoughts together on the election results.

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