The Power of Paint

Yesterday, the NYTimes ran a story on the mural being painted in Sunset Park by young women about military recruitment. In particular they’re tackling the provision under NCLB that allows Military recruiters equal access to schools as post-secondary institutions (e.g. colleges) and access to private family information (e.g. phone numbers, etc.). In my eyes, the increased targeting of poor students (both economically disadvantaged and low performing on academic indicators) is a dangerous and discriminatory practice. While the military should be an option for people, it should not be the only one or the one forced on a segment of the population. Okay, back to the mural!

The mural, being coordinated and supervised by Katie Yamasaki via the Groundswell Mural program, is the type of work that many of our children need to be involved in. While many of our children spend summer hopping from place to place engaging in makeshift activities. The work that these young women have participated in has helped to elevate their voices, challenge their minds, and hone their aesthetic talents. Make sure you head over to the article listed above and comment, given there is an “interesting” commentary unfolding in the comments sections.

And when the mural is dedicated, make sure your voice is her’d!!!

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