The Questions ya’ll.

1) Why do folks think holding the door for me at Popeye’s or handing me a paper towel in the club bathroom deserves a tip?

2) Isn’t it a coincidence once Rev. Al starts making noise about Sean Bell his tax issues begin to make national news? And why will that deter some of ya’ll in a fight for justice?

3) Who is Black and isn’t proud of Barack Obama?

4) Who was taking note about what Barack said about the Sean Bell case?

5) How come we get tired if there are 2 “conscious songs” on the radio, but we are never tire from our feast of drug, gun, and sex talk on repeat?

6) Do you still think “radio program” is a figure of speech (shout out to DPz)?

7) Why when you get to the finish line is the starting line right behind it?

8) Why did so many people post shout outs to their Momma’s on facebook, does your momma have a facebook account?

9) Why do we keep ignoring all the “natural” disasters?

10) What are the ingredients for a perfect summer?

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