Tonight: Men’s Roundtable on helping end gender violence at CCNY

Tonight from 6 to 8pm at City College in the Morales/Shakur Student and Community Center (NAC 3/201) in Harlem I have the honor of facilitating a Men’s roundtable on helping to end gender violence. The program is part of CCNY’s 16 days of activism against gender violence spear-headed by three amazing sisters: Ms. Nathalie Deller, Ms. Stephanie Petit-Homme, and Ms. Asatenwaa Harris. For the past two weeks CCNY has been flooded with programming trying to heighten awareness and resources around ending issues of rape, sexual assault, harassment, and battering. While people often talk about these as women’s issues, they are not. They are issues for men and women to confront, retrain ourselves on, and help create safer environments in our communities. This is an event to engage men as allies in this ongoing struggle to end violence in our communities that women have been taking a long lead on. Please tell a loved one to attend and spread the word. We’ll have refreshments and resources! We are thankful to be joined by Quentin Walcott of Connect NYC.

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