It’s been a long time . . . I shouldna left you . . . hope you get that reference, if you don’t it’s all good. So back on the political front.

Anne Arundal County is experiencing racial and ethnic tension , still wondering when the “melting pot” is going to come into effect.

The Jayson Blair scandal seems to have touched a national nerve. As always, it is not enough to simply call into question the issue of journalistic integrity, but a whole slew of race related baiting is not picking up. In one of the most amusing, yet ignorant column’s yet, Jason Riley’s, quickly tries to smite Jayson Blair and Affirmative Action in the same breath.

The Crown Heights saga may finally draw to a close as Lemrick Nelson Jr. was convicted of violating Yankel Rosenbaum’s civil rights but was not found responsible for Rosenbaum’s death.

It is rumored that MCI Worldcom is thinking about dropping Danny Glover as their pitchman, following his comment’s against the Bush administration. So in the battle royale between “freedom of speech” and capitalism, which is more likely to win out?

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