The rise in college campus conservatism was covered in a NY Times Magazine article. It’s a long read, so here is my summary. College conservatives are becoming increasing popular because they stopped wearing khakis and blue blazers, they write satirical papers, and major conservative think tanks have coordinated student efforts to spread the messages of conservatism. The article centers on Bucknell and how there is a boom of conservatism, despite their conservative club being composed of 35 active members in a school of 3,350. The entering class last year boasted a remarkable 25 African American students, if they all attended a BSU meeting, would they get a Times Magazine article for typifying Black solidarity? But really the article does expose how conservatives are coordinated and impacting the college environment.

Want to know more about the coordinated attack of social justice and civil rights? Check out Lee Cokorino’s, “The Assault on Diversity: An Organized Challenge to Racial and Gender Justice.”

A Supreme Court decision for the U of M cases should be due in about three weeks. D-day is coming!

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