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September 26, 2003 · 0 Comments

So I’m gonna go international to national to local, let’s go! Yesterday, Amina Lawal’s sentence on death by stoning was […]

September 24, 2003 · 0 Comments

Today’s Daily runs an editorial by a number of White U of M students that challenges Johanna Hanink’s editorial (9/22/03) […]

September 23, 2003 · 0 Comments

Cali folks, you’re voting on October 7th, again! The ninth court of appeals just ruled that the recall election and […]

September 23, 2003 · 0 Comments

In the world of higher education, it is always amazes me how vocal and informative people can be. It is […]

September 22, 2003 · 0 Comments

When it rains, it pours (literally today). The Ann Arbor news highlights a poll by WDIV and Mitchell Polls that […]

September 22, 2003 · 0 Comments

Have you ever heard the expression, “Who pissed in your Cheerios?” This morning Johanna Hanink of the Michigan Daily pissed […]

September 22, 2003 · 0 Comments

I am not 100% sure that this is completely new, but the Michigan Daily has finally placed their bylaws online! […]

September 21, 2003 · 0 Comments

Apologies on my absence, now let’s go intenational to local.. feel me? On the international tip, This week Amina Lawal’s […]

September 16, 2003 · 0 Comments

So much to comment on, we’ll go local to national… alright, here we go. This past weekend, various student leaders […]

September 12, 2003 · 0 Comments

Yesterday was also the release of the special inaugural edition of Moment, a new alternative progressive publication for the U […]