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Finally a skit on Gates that made me laugh. Hat tip to ZM

I can enjoy songs about summer… check the video by Dead Prez for Summertime and make sure to cop “Pulse […]

Guest on Addicted to Race podcast 112 on Gates, Obama, and deeper racial dialogue.

So there are few things I find more ridiculous than Jeremih’s (where the hell did the “a” in his name […]

Why I didn’t jump up and talk about swimming pools or Skip Gates … and maybe why you may not as well.

One of my favorite portions of Assata are the verses interspersed. In honor of our great freedom fighter Assata Shakur […]

I love Hip-Hop, I love educational research. I love the piece my colleague Christopher Emdin, of Teacher’s College- Columbia University, […]

Cornel West and Carl Dix tangle at CCNY on Tuesday night.

This Monday July 13th I will be speaking at the NAACP Centennial Convention on Educational Advocacy.

This is a pretty good one that comes from the Root. It’s time we had a little fun with the […]