Liberia is not in a good state. In the throes of a 13 year civil war, both rebel and government forces are calling for intervention. I do not support US imperialism, but Liberia’s condition is not going to get any better, only worse. There certainly will be an increase in loss of life on both sides if no one intervenes. Africana has established a letter campaign for intervention in Liberia .Contact the Congressional Black Caucus also to pressure the US governement to intervene as peacekeepers. Dire times, call for dire measures!

In continuing on the international thread, I recently recieved this article from a good friend about Bill Gates and his “philanthropy.” I have not verfied all the facts, but if nothing else, it should get you thinking about Gates and AIDS in Africa.

Lastly, a US Civil Rights landmark (and location of some good food) is slated to be closed. Paschal’s , meeting place to great leaders such as MLK, Bond, you name them, they ate there will be closed forever next Monday. Clark Atlanta University is closing Paschals’ for financial reasons. So where will tomorrow’s great leaders gather?

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