So there’s a bunch of the stuff that I want to get out to people. Here goes:

On Sunday, October 12, Michael Moore (of Bowling for Columbine and Stupid White Men Fame) will be coming to U of M to speak on his new book, Dude, Where’s My Country?. The talk is sponsored by Anti-War Action and will hopefully get a decent turn out despite its near fall break date. Tickets are free and are available through MUTO.

If you can’t make it to the Moore’s talk on the 12th, you can catch Moore at EMU on Halloween. This talk is also a ticketed event, so make sure to get in on this early!

This Thursday at 7pm, the first meeting of Moment will occur in the English Department Conference Room (3222 Angell Hall). Below there is an excerpt from an email sent out by Moment:

“We have called this meeting in response to three trends; namely the

absence of an alternative press, the renewal of right-wing aggression

around the world, and the fragmentation of the forces that seek universal

justice and fight against oppression and exploitation. It is in these

times of both necessity and opportunity that the unity of such forces is

at its most urgent. It is in the spirit of urgency and hope that Moment

is proud to issue this call to action.”

Today at 4pm in the Michigan Theatre, the premiere screening of “Campus Diversity, Student Voices.” The documentary explores student reactions to and understandings of diversity. Ernest Mejia coordinated this film and you may have seen him and his crew around campus last year.

Also, in news of the ridiculous, Ghettopoly a new game sold at Urban Outfitters is making some waves because of its stereotype heavy format. The creator of the game, David Chang, has not been receptive to criticisms of the game’s stereotypes offensive nature. Ah, the free market where ideas are exchanged openly…

This is week is National Coming Out Week. A host of events are planned for this week, though so far the only decent listing is in this Daily article. If there is a different site that is sponsored by the NCOW folks, I’ll link that when I find it or it get forwarded to me. Come out and support (pun intended)!

Be on the look out on ways to become involved with National Take Affirmative Action Day (NTAAD) which is coming up October 30th.

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