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If you didn’t hear, a company in Livonia has been manufacturing Razanne, a Muslim alternative to Barbie. No jokes! I definitely prefer this to Mattel’s attempt at Flavas, the “hip-hop” Barbie crew (Mattel is rumored to have flattened their chests and made their butts bigger!). But I’m too grown to be concerned with toys ;)

Onto more pressing issues, this past week was full of issues in the Sharpton campaign, mainly his bout with Jesse Jackson Jr which resulted in an “outing” of Howard Dean’s earlier support for economic, not race based, affirmative action policies. Despite all this, still seems that Dean’s super-human front-runner armor remains unblemished. Oh, also Danny Glover officially endorsed Kucinich… okay.

Reason #213 50 cent is the anti-christ: He refused to meet with Louis Farrakhan to squash the beef between him and Ja Rule. Boo you 50, don’t you care about anyone but your self and your supersize ego?

On the local tip, a great U of M graduate student Sharon Smith, and Associate Producer, has worked on a documentary entitled Anomaly on multi-racial and multi-ethnic folks. The webpage has just launched at www.anomalythefilm.com. Check the site and see what’s good!

And here is a little information from the MSA:

*****Go Vote Tuesday!*****

If you are registered to vote in the City of Ann Arbor, you can

vote in the City elections being held Tuesday, November 4! You

can still vote even if you have not received a voter registration

card! You can vote on several city council seats and two proposals.

For more information or to find your voting location please visit


or www.publius.org

Make sure your voice gets heard!

That’s it for right now.

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