So apparently the editorial by Steve Cotner in Monday’s Daily prompted quite a response. The editorial does really give BAMN a lot of credit, but the responses to the editorial are the most interesting. Penned by 2 sophomores- Jeremy Curtis and Kylie Burleson … yeah wise fools… I’m looking for the wisdom still. Cutis suggests that Affirmative Action has, “I am not one for affirmative action. I think it worked back when it was first started, but as times change, so do policies.” Kyle Burleson’s editorial states “The University is funded by taxpayers, why shouldn?t those taxpayers be given a choice in whether their money is used to enact an inherently racist policy?”

Okay, maybe I missed the boat but here is why these two propositions are too commonly uttered and make no sense! On the Aff Axn was good once but it’s out lived its utility.

1) We are at a time when more students of color are enrolled in higher education than ever before, but we are far below representative for most of these ethnic minorities.

2) What was the initial utility that has died? Increased opportunity- looks like it’s still working to me.

On the idea that Aff Axn is an inherently racist policy. 1) Have these people even read the new system of admission? Is the consideration of race a preference? If that’s the case, if so, everything on the application is a preference!!! 2) Do these people know what racism is? Do they know what discrimination is? Do they really care?

Okay, enough babbling, I’m just confused how people still utter these things but have backing!!! Can people at least argue with information and ideas that are relevant?

Lastly, the Ballot initiative from the MCRI has been launched. By the way, I will openly say, this is Ward Connerly initiative. If you notice the MCRI is trying to push that it is Gratz’s. If that is the case, then why the hell does it look eerily like the initiatives that Connerly has pushed before? Okay, maybe Connerly is a consultant …. yeah, just like a puppeteer with a puppet, just giving the lifeless characters voice.

PS. Special thanks to Rob Goodspeed for providing me with the new MCRI page, I was wondering why the old one was dead!

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