Last Thursday at EMU, there is was an alleged incident of racial intimidation. Glennisha Morgan said she answered her door to find someone in something that resembled Klan regalia. EMU is looking into the incident though it is unlikely anything concrete will come of it. The same issues of permissible “hate speech” will remain.

In other news about free speech. A professor at my boy Andrew Van Alstyne’s alma mater Saint Lawrence University. Bob Torres, an untenured Latino Sociology professor, at SLU has recently come under a lot of fire and national attention for the views he expressed on his personal website (blog). He expressed issues with the College Republicans and Bush. He has now become a national case example of free speech and alleged attempts at “intimidation.”Here is one of his responses to the allegations. Here is a recent Wall Street Journal Op-Ed piece on it- warning it’s written by a writer for the conservative National Review. Lastly, here is the statement that the Department of Sociology released. Okay, that was a lot of links for one story!

On the local tip, the Michigan Daily publishes an opinion in opposition to the proposed 1 fee to be levied to work on the Trotter House aka the Trotter Multicultural Center. The editors reason that the resolution is simply a “stop-gap.” What they fail to mention is that the U has been “discussing” improving the Trotter House for years, but has made no significant moves beyond a consultation on revisions (NO $ HAS BEEN PUT UP). The MSA resolution would first demonstrate that students are serious about the priority of the revision and could be the start of a matched campaign for the TH. This editorial really frustrates me because they clearly did not talk to the sponsors of the resolution. How do they propose to finally get the administration to action?

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