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For a few years now, Michael Steele has been trying to meet me on Beat Street by being more “Hip-Hop” […]

Note: This is a Partner Post to Haiti in Context: Voices. Please check out both. They represent some of the […]

And one of them is not the use of the word Negro which has BEEN appearing, including on the 2000 […]

Do you know some Black birthers? I bet you do!

We remain in a moment where people are beginning to realize that the election of Barack Obama does not mean a Black political agenda, one in which race is central, will continue to be pushed into the public sphere. So the question becomes, who advances the concerns of the faces at the bottom of the well?

Sotomayor Round-Up

June 2, 2009 · 0 Comments

A brief round-up of the best pieces on Sotomayor’s nomination by Barack Obama for the Supreme Court.

This Sunday, in Harlem, find out and discuss the direction for the new Black Left.

We take Obama’s first 100 days to task in an in-depth post that no one will read … or I just clown and link to funny stuff like Richard Pryor … find out which one it is.

I really hope Delonas has a helluva explanation for this political cartoon …

A Re-Post Jewel Woods’ article on Sarah Palin and Men’s votes from