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I told ya’ll to stop using the word swagger back in 2008. See you didn’t listen, now we have the […]

Yesterday the NYTimes ran an interesting Op-Ed piece on Charter Schools by Charles Murray entitled, “Why Charter Schools Fail the Test.” I read through it quickly and thought it to be arguing two main things: standardized tests were weak measures and that school choice was a democratic right. Sounds agreeable, right? But why was this written by Charles Murray author of the thinly veiled racist polemic The Bell Curve?

Originally published at The Atlanta Post The internet is a funny thing and Twitter is a funny place. I find […]

Some days I’m so immersed in work and other matters that I forget to mention how amazing the students here […]

For all my folks who remember Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out on Nintendo and for those of use who watched “Epic Beard […]

I’ve been running around so much for the past week I forgot to post my reaction to the NAACP Image […]

A few days ago, my talk at the 143rd Morehouse Founder’s Day Symposium went up on the web. The talk […]

BHC: Women as Leaders

February 2, 2010 · 0 Comments

Today’s BHC (Black History-Contemporary) speaks to the position of Women, leadership, and racial uplift. Undoutedbly we are accustomed to hearing Black HIStory but there […]

1) So you watched Pants on the Ground and laughed. Did you notice that General Larry Platt had on a […]

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