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(Mis)Reading Malcolm

October 29, 2010 · 12 Comments

“All the real OGs, I’m a solider cause you told me study Malcolm, Garvey, Huey/ Study Malcolm, Garvey, Huey, their life […]

This morning I have a piece posted on where I discuss the response to the forthcoming Vibe article, “Mean […]

This week “Waiting for Superman” premiered nationally and it has reignited the conversation on the United States’ failing schools. The […]

Since the introduction of the Race to the Top fund I’ve had a series of nagging concerns about what Obama […]

“Justice for Oscar Grant!” As I sit in front of these keys I know that I could have written this […]

With the World Cup coming to an end yesterday in South Africa, here’s my commentary on African-Americans and World Cup […]

1) Isn’t WorldStarHipHop just the digital equivalent of BET? 2) Speaking of which, why does Riff Raff (of from G’s […]

Recently, I penned a piece discussing the need for Black folks to join in with the fight against Arizona’s racist immigration […]

I told ya’ll to stop using the word swagger back in 2008. See you didn’t listen, now we have the […]

Yesterday the NYTimes ran an interesting Op-Ed piece on Charter Schools by Charles Murray entitled, “Why Charter Schools Fail the Test.” I read through it quickly and thought it to be arguing two main things: standardized tests were weak measures and that school choice was a democratic right. Sounds agreeable, right? But why was this written by Charles Murray author of the thinly veiled racist polemic The Bell Curve?