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I like to laugh … particularly at people trying to break coconuts.

This is sssssssooooooo ignant and ssssssoooooo wrong, but I really did laugh out loud!

When is Black public opinion not public opinion… just ask the washingon examiner and Stephen Colbert!

We take Obama’s first 100 days to task in an in-depth post that no one will read … or I just clown and link to funny stuff like Richard Pryor … find out which one it is.

Okay, so I managed to not succumb to the foolishness known as Popeye’s Pay Day (yeah, you know the special they were advertising) but leave it up to Fox in Minnesota and my people to make it into a news story. Okay, I guess this is funny, but I think I really want to cry! It’s stuff like this that makes me wonder if we gonna make it!?!

The conservative news magazine has been really consistent with their critique and analysis of Obama, check out the March and April Covers.

Apparently people are replacing the N-word with President … even NY1 covered it ;)

Happy 100th anniversary NAACP… now change you name immediately!

Other sites have moving photo tributes, if you want those, go there. If you want something funny, here are two great pics that made me laugh out loud.

The event is finally arriving, the inauguration of Barack Obama. And while I am a strong critic of Barack Obama I can appreciate a good celebration, so I’ve decided to go on a hate moratorium and attend. As a result a bunch of folks have been asking me where I’m going to be at. Well I’ll only tell you dependent on how you do on this quiz, much like a NCLB test, your answers are gonna be of consequence. Please choose the best answer

1) Inauguration is not _________________.
a) Freaknik
b) Juneteenth
c) All Star Weekend
d) All of the above