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So the internet is a peculiar place. Some days you’ll find everything you need, other days you’ll search low and […]

On Monday January 20th, I have the honor of keynoting the 24th Annual Morehouse Manhattan Alumni Association’s MLK Day Awards […]

If you watch the news, listen to friends, or click on links you’d think the only thing Black males have […]

Last week, I had the pleasure of being on NPR’s Tell Me More with host Michel Martin to discuss the […]

On February 10th, I had the pleasure of joining an esteemed set of scholars for the 143rd Founder’s Day Symposium […]

Dear Old Morehouse

October 26, 2009 · 54 Comments

Dear Old Morehouse,

I’ve been trying to avoid writing this for some time now. As an alumnus of the institution, it’s hard for me to see you in such condition. Many of my fellow alumni complained of your disrepair and your besmirched image when they heard about students being beaten for their sexuality, shooters graduating, and cross-dressing, but I have got bigger concerns. While all these things mattered to me, they did not disturb me because of what was being done to the image of our institution, they disturbed me because they demonstrated that Dear Old Morehouse was terribly unequipped to deal with the realities and lives that Black men in America live now. In fact, it is the Old Morehouse that is more dangerous to me than any student with a gun, sagged pants, or high heels would ever be to me. Let me explain.

A tribute to Atlanta artist Charles Huntley Nelson

I was so moved by the trailer to Social Contracts by Laura Rahman that I had to post it and write a post. An insightful clip of documentary dealing with issues of sexual violence in the Black community.

The arrival of the recession didn’t really hit me that much. I remember the basic economic principal that I was taught when I was younger, “As the supply of jobs goes down, demand for education goes up.” While this is still probably true, this past week’s events really made me take a deeper stock of my position as an academic and the ways that the University system is insulated, but not impervious. This past Friday, Clark Atlanta University dismissed 100 staff members, including 70 faculty citing financial difficulties.

I am linking to a post by Jafari Sinclaire Allen about Morehouse, sexuality, and community. Jafari was before my time […]