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Recently I got to share some brief words with on why third party voting isn’t what you’ve been told. […]

By now, we’re all quite clear that “Hood Disease” is not only not an actual disease, but that it was born […]

“There’s a war going on outside no man is safe from, you could run but you can’t hide forever.” These […]

Yesterday, protests at Ground Zero continued to gain international attention. What’s at issue is a figment of the American public’s imagination: the ground zero mosque. Herds of “well-intentioned” Americans flooded lower manhattan to chant down the construction of what they are calling a ground zero mosque, but what really is an Islamic community center. This case is a powerful lesson in framing, which I was first introduced to by the George Lakoff but you and I experience constantly. If we want to make sure The Community Center at Park 51 is built, we’ve got to re-frame the conversation, or else the Islamophobes have won!

This is my reflection on Imani: Faith… Faith is often thought of in a religious and spiritual way. Having grown […]

It’s been a minute since I dropped a Friday Funny on ya’ll, probably because I’ve been traveling the Diaspora for […]

Times are tough but thankfully the iphone is providing some relief. Here’s a brotha who takes Falling Down to a […]

So one of the problems with being a sociologist of race and offering public commentary is it sometimes creates the […]

We here at Uptown Notes are very much in accord with the African belief of respecting one’s elders and are […]

Do you know some Black birthers? I bet you do!