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By now, we’re all quite clear that “Hood Disease” is not only not an actual disease, but that it was born […]

This past week, the world lost a giant intellect and talent. Gil Noble, one of the architects of critical Black […]

We here at Uptown Notes are very much in accord with the African belief of respecting one’s elders and are […]

Paula Deen is certainly out to create the most ignorant and death riddled food ever… and for some reason we still tune in. Check out the video.

Reclaiming Racist!!!

December 6, 2006 · 33 Comments

“I’m not a racist.” Another variation on it is often, “I’m not a racist but…” or better yet, “Are you […]

It’s very common for anyone who visits me at my apartment to find me tuned into some unlikely TV programming. […]