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Slavery did not end, it’s just been updated in the form of human trafficking! Beneath you will find a video that I was recently emailed that features a song by Peter Buffet andAkon. The song is entitled, “Blood into Gold (Remix)” and was commissioned to heighten awareness of modern day slavery in the form of human trafficking. Human trafficking is a major problem throughout the globe, but flourishes in many places throughout the African Diaspora. Please spread the word and also visit to find out how to move from awareness to action!

Protest actions: Today a rally against the NY Post for their incendiary “political” cartoon. Student take back NYU and stream occupation live.

Over a year ago, controversy over the Kahlil Gibran International Academy unfolded, if you don’t know who Kahlil Gibran was stop reading and click here – yeah, he’s that important, in Brooklyn. The visible battle over the mission of the school, its practices, and its leadership put the academy in the national spotlight for discussions of ethnicity, language, religion and identity. But soon, this spotlight faded and many have forgotten that the school still is in operation. Colorlines runs a great web article by Seth Wessler entitled, “Silenced in the classroom” on what is happening with the school now.

Next Stop Education

December 16, 2008 · 0 Comments

Recently, Roland Fryer – economist, NYC Public Schools’ Chief Equity Officer, and the public’s latest cat’s meow, was on the […]

In an age when grassroots Black leadership has become distilled, sanitized, and all too often co-opted, we are often left […]

Soulja Boy recently wanted to give a “Shout out to the slave masters. Without them, we’d still be in Africa! We wouldn’t be able to get this ice and tattoos.” I know what you’re thinking, but you can’t guess what I’m thinking. Check it as I weigh in on youth, history, and Hip-Hop.

This weekend, October 17th-19th City College hosts the first CUNY Social Forum. Come out and have your voice heard and develop plans to make CUNY the university system that it was meant to be.

A simple question.

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For the past few years, I have watched patiently as Proposal 2 has come into the spotlight. It’s been a […]

I’m guilty of it. You’re probably guilty of it, you know, it usually goes something like this “I listen to […]