Helping Black Boys Succeed in School – from MANifest for

For the past few weeks I’ve been writing at helping Black boys succeed in school. These recommendations are aimed at parents and guardians in hopes of ensuring Black boys get a fair chance at success and are nurtured in positive way inside and outside of school. While I typically write about structural changes like policies and research evidence, I also recognize those analyses serve long term change, but many of your young people need assistance today. For that reason, I am sharing 5 tips for helping Black boys succeed from a “what can I do level.” The series is broken up in three pieces.

Tips 1 and 2: Strong Summers/After-School Times and Clear Communication with Teachers

Tips 3 and 4: Understand the School’s Behavioral System and Identify Gaps Early

Tip 5: Foster an Intellectual Environment

I hope this creates a dialogue and space for nurturing Black boys to success.

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  • David McGhee

    Great piece…


  • David McGhee

    Great piece…


  • Mo Torres

    Thank you for posting this. I recently discovered your blog and was excited to learn you are a Michigan PhD. I’m currently a master’s student at the Ford School. Glad to see our alumni are doing good work in the world.