Klan robes and Morning Shows

Okay, so Howell, Michigan is buying a Klan robe and plans to burn it. The robe was displayed in the window of an auction house, oh I’m sure that wasn’t intimidating, and was going to be auctioned on MLK’s bday. A Howell Diversity Council is collecting money to buy it and burn it. So my question is, what is worse, some old school racist paying big money to put in their closet or good minded folks paying big money to burn it? I’m not really sure, this story is just really weird.

Well, once again radio morning shows are in trouble, as if Star and Buc had not already been ignorant enough, Miss Jones of Hot 97 got into the act recently by airing the Tsunami Song. Hot 97 issued an apology for the song and made everyone who was involved give up a week’s salary, but a number of groups are calling for Jones and company’s removal. One of the most interesting things about this whole controversy was Ms. Jones’ on air conversation with Ms. Info about the song and Ms. Info’s refusal to participate and her voicing her opposition as an APA community member.

Gotta go do work.

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