Living in the Moment: Texts, Tweets, and Statuses

I just finished teaching and I know you want a fresh new reflection. I left my house at 5:50am yesterday to vote and came back at 3:45 am from celebrating. The moral of the story: I went hard (don’t believe me, then check my twitter) so no new post right now. I’ll get to it soon. Besides, I’ve put myself on at least a 24 moratorium on critique. Besides as my friend said, “I’m living in the moment.” Continuing on that theme, yesterday technology allowed me to be connected to more folks than in any previous election. I was so thankful Barack Obama got elected, but I think I may have been equally grateful for the data package on my phone (unlimited texts and internet)! Beneath, are some of my favorite texts, tweets, and statuses that my folks shared with me (most original, some are not). And if you see your message and I haven’t gotten back to you, my bad! I see you. Oh, and I’ve done my best to remove identifying personal markers, cause ya’ll were clowning! :)

“Kunta Kinte shirt? Check! Obama button? Check! Public Enemy’s “Brothas gonna work it out” banging in the ipod? Check! Time to hit the line! YEEEEEAAAAHHH DADDY!!”

“Yes we did!!! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!! All hail the New Chief.”

“Have we seen the promised land?”

“He looks like me.”

“Dumi- Yes we can!! Look what interracial marriage can produce!! Yes I – we can!!!”

“Unfucking believable!! You better party it up, reality’s gonna hit us in about a day, LOL”

“Brother President!”

“Just saw a woman catch the holy ghost in the middle of Michigan Avenue.”

“Congrats Bro, tomorrow we wake up to a better day.”

“First Tiger, then Halle, now this! They like us!”

“Since they wouldn’t give us 40 acres and a mule, we’ll take fifty states and the White House.”

“We did it!! I was moved to tears… it happened in MY lifetime… and though I don’t agree with all his policy, I do see the bigger picture…”

“Sweet dreams and realities to you!”

“Please tell me why i just saw a Black woman with a rhinestone Obama shirt and booty shorts, flying outside the moon roof booty poppin'”

“Brother Dumi WE ARE OFFICIALLY FREE, much love.”

“They have a sign up sheet for volunteers to help Bush pack his shit and get the hell on Nov 5th. I put us down for the 3-8 shift.”

“I predict Michell Obama will announce her 3rd pregnancy three months from last night! Lol”

“I’m waiting for [identity removed] to birth a monkey out his ass to honor his promise he made in November 2007 that American would never elect a Black President.”

“Change is here! We are the ones we have been waiting for!”

“My pres is Black and so am I. I now am a man of two nations as opposed to the lost child of one. Both of my nations need me. Barack’s electon is a green light and I’m ready to go right now!”

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  • Bell

    Those are great!

  • Alex M.B.

    haha! i made the list twice! :-)

  • Bell

    Those are great!

  • Alex M.B.

    haha! i made the list twice! :-)

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  • Giuseppe Napolitano

    nice article! nice site. you're in my rss feed now ;-)
    keep it up

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